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Membership is open to everyone! Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Missouriensis, the annual scientific journal of the Society
  • The Petal Pusher, a bimonthly newsletter with articles on native plants, statewide activities, and chapter reports
  • Field Trips lead by experts explore Missouri’s diverse plant communities
  • Workshops offer educational program to enhance botanical skills

The Missouri Native Plant Society is a state-wide nonprofit organization. Opportunities for participation include:

  • Habitat restoration
  • Plant rescues for sites scheduled for development
  • Exotic pest control
  • Natural area inventories
  • Rare species monitoring

Annual Society membership levels:

Student $5.00
Goldenrod $10.00
Sunflower $25.00
Bluebell $50.00
Blazing Star $100.00

Local chapter membership is optional and paid in addition to Society dues:

Empire Prairie (Saint Joseph) $5.00
Hawthorn (Columbia) $5.00
Kansas City $5.00
Osage Plains (Clinton) $5.00
Ozarks (West Plains) $5.00
Paradoxa (Rolla) $5.00
Perennis (Southeast Missouri) $5.00
Saint Louis $5.00
Southwest (Springfield) $5.00

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