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03/24: Chapter meeting. The St. Louis Chapter held its third meeting of 2021 via Zoom and featured a presentation from Dr. Richard Abbott. Richard developed a special presentation on plant identification. This presentation was a continuation of his talk given in the January 27th meeting. The detail was based on over a decade of feedback from his relationship with MONPS-St. Louis. I was given the opportunity to talk with Richard after the meeting and ask him a few questions. This is outlined below:

What was the main goal of the presentation? To teach that as confusing as the natural world may seem, you can understand and identify plants by focusing on five (5) details 1. plant habit 2. leaf composition 3. leaf arrangement 4. margin 5. presence or absence of stipules.

What makes this important? There are simplified ways to deconstruct problems. Sometimes it requires patience.

What does this science provide to people? Botanical science helps people articulate what they see in their brain.

Dr. Richard Abbott is a dedicated professor and teacher, demonstrates a high standard, and shows up for his students being the best that he can be.

04/28: Chapter meeting. To be held via Zoom. Dr. Kyra Krakos and students from her Maryville University Research Lab will discuss student research presentations.

05/26: Chapter meeting. To be held via Zoom. Dr. Quinn Long, Director of Shaw Nature Reserve Topic: to be determined.

Meetings for 2021 will be held via Zoom on the 4th Wednesday of each month, January through October (excluding June), at 7:00pm. Zoom invitations to be sent out within a week or so in advance of each meeting.

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