Paradoxa Chapter is based in Rolla. Our name refers to Echinacea paradoxa (Yellow Coneflower), the only member of the “purple coneflower” genus with yellow ray flowers, endemic to the Ozarks. Our goals are to improve our skill in identifying plants, from seedling through fruiting stages, as well as learning their habitats; to become more familiar with scientific names and botanical terminology; and to promote conservation of native plants. Our members vary in their levels of expertise, but all share a desire to learn. Currently, we schedule four botany walk-abouts during the year, with additional field trips, workshops, and programs as determined by the interests of our members. Our current chapter project is establishing an herbarium at Marguerite Bray Conservation Area.

Upcoming Events

March 28: Chapter Field Trip, 5:30 p.m.
We will meet in the parking lot at Beaver Creek Conservation Area, located just off Highway 63, 3 miles south of Rolla. With any luck, we’ll find some spring ephemerals in bloom; if not, it will be a nice walk across the creek and through the woods, and we’re sure to find something interesting.

April 13: Gardening with Native Plants Workshop, 1:00 p.m.
This 2-hour workshop will be held at Bray Conservation Area, 3 miles south of Rolla on Bridge School Road. Topics will include the importance and advantages of using native plants, selecting plants for every season, how to get started and maintain your garden, milkweeds for Monarchs, and solutions for soggy spots: establishing rain gardens. We will view the design for the native plant beds around the Bray house and learn what will be planted and why.

April 25: Seedling ID Mini-Workshop at Doolittle Gardens, 5:30pm
Learn to identify those mysterious seedlings popping up in your native plant garden – are they friend or foe? Doolittle Gardens, purveyor of native plants at the Downtown Rolla Farmers’ Market, will be the location for our April meeting. We’ll view many species of wildflowers in their early stages of growth. The nursery is at 476 Eisenhower St., Rolla.
Directions: From I44 Exit 179, turn south onto State Hwy T toward Doolittle. Turn right onto Eisenhower Street and go about 1/2 mile. 476 Eisenhower Road is on the left.

Work on the Bray CA Botanical Collection and Herbarium Project is continuous, with workdays on the first and third Thursdays of the month.

Contact Us

Pam Barnabee

Favorite Places

Audubon Trails Nature Center
Bohigian Conservation Area (Mill Creek)
Kaintuck Hollow Trail
Lane Spring Recreation Area
Maramec Spring Park
Marguerite Bray Conservation Area
St. James Park Glade
Spring Creek Gap Conservation Area