Paradoxa Chapter is based in Rolla. Our name refers to Echinacea
paradoxa (yellow coneflower), the only member of the “purple
coneflower” genus with yellow ray flowers, endemic to the Ozarks. Our
goals are to improve our skill in identifying plants, from seedling
through fruiting stages, as well as learning their habitats; to become
more familiar with scientific names and botanical terminology; and to
promote conservation of native plants. Our members vary in their levels
of expertise, but all share a desire to learn. Currently, we schedule at
least four botany walk-abouts during the year, with additional field trips,
workshops, and programs as determined by the interests of our
members. In addition, a group of us meet on Thursday mornings at
Audubon Trails Nature Center in Rolla and walk the trail through
woodland and prairie habitats, documenting species in bloom and
population size.

Upcoming Events
Paradoxa and MONPS events are free and you don’t need to be a
member to attend!

Tuesday, June 21: Maramec Spring Park, 6:00-7:30 p.m. Kendra and
Wes Swee will be our hosts for a tour of the former hayfields that are
being converted to pollinator habitat. The project, which began in 2019
with technical and planning assistance from the Xerces Society for
Invertebrate Conservation, covers 150 acres. If you’re coming from or
through Rolla, let’s plan to carpool; we’ll meet in the Kroger parking lot
and plan to depart NLT 5:30 p.m. Please contact Pam if you plan to go,
and let her know if you can take other folks in your vehicle or prefer to
be a passenger.

Saturday, July 16: Shaw Nature Reserve. Meg Englelhardt, Seed
Bank Manager for the Missouri Botanical Garden, will give us a tour of
the seed bank at Shaw Nature Reserve and tell us about their mission
and the work they do there. Following that, we’ll take a stroll through
the Whitmire Wildflower Garden at Shaw. We’ll plan to carpool from
Rolla again, leaving the Kroger parking lot at 9:00 a.m. for a 10:00 a.m.
arrival at Shaw.

Phenology Study Group meets on Thursday mornings at Audubon
Trails Nature Center in Rolla. For more information about the
project, or to be added to our email notification list, please contact
Pam at the address below.

Contact Us

Pam Barnabee

Favorite Places

Audubon Trails Nature Center
Bohigian Conservation Area (Mill Creek)
Kaintuck Hollow Trail
Lane Spring Recreation Area
Maramec Spring Park
Marguerite Bray Conservation Area
St. James Park Glade (Plant List)
Spring Creek Gap Conservation Area