April 26th - 28th

MONPS 2024

Spring Field Trip

Join us for our next MONPS weekend! We will be visiting several sites near Ava MO beginning the afternoon of Friday, April 26th and wrapping up on Sunday morning, April 28th.

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Friday Afternoon - April 26th


Glade Top Trail

Glade Top Trail includes some of the largest glades under conservation management within the US as well as some of the largest dolomite glades found anywhere on earth. From the MDC website, “This natural area is distinguished by its rugged character, outstanding vistas, and extensive dolomite glades, known locally as "bald knobs." The ridge tops are formed in residual chert of Mississippian era limestone while the open glades are formed from Cotter Formation Ordovician era dolomite. These glades are home to abundant wildflower species, along with native bees and butterflies…In the early spring look for shooting star and hoary puccoon blooms.”

There are several pull-off stops along the 23miles of scenic byway to view the various glade areas and panoramic views. We will begin our field trip at the Caney Picnic Area and explore the area by foot before continuing on our drive towards the McClurg Glade pull-off

Field Trip Leader: Hilary Haley - (816) 255-4805

Friday Evening - April 26th


Friday Night Speaker

(The Board Room, 305 E Washington, Ava, MO 65608)

** Change in Location **

Our speaker will be Nick Kromrie, Park Specialist at Bryant Creek State Park. He will speak to us about Bryant Creek SP, how it became a park and its botanical relevance to our group in light of the other areas we plan to visit that weekend.

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Saturday Morning - April 27th


Bryant Creek State Park

Located in southern Douglas County, Bryant Creek State Park is home to impressively large oaks and shortleaf pines spanning rugged, steeply dissected river hills that front the stream for which it’s named. With over 2,900 acres, the park features many natural attributes, such as almost 2 miles of Bryant Creek frontage. Four tributary hollows go through uncut forest and sandstone outcrops, providing lots of character and scenic views. The park’s remote location, bountiful flora and fauna, and pristine creek make it a great place to experience the wonders of the Ozarks. Two hiking trails wind through the northern end of park, allowing users to see Missouri’s only species of native pine, and picnic tables provide visitors a place to relax and take in their surroundings.

Field Trip Leader: Hilary Haley - (816) 255-4805

Leave from Super 8 by Wyndham at 8:30 AM

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Saturday, April 27th

12:00 PM - Lunch Break

Following our hike of Pike Hollow Trail, we will meet back at the parking lot for lunch at the available picnic tables before continuing on to our afternoon field trip.

Saturday Afternoon - April 27th


Caney Mountain Conservation Area

This 7,899-acre area is characterized by unusual geology, including the roughest parts of a precipitous range of hills. These hills are a remnant of an old elevated plateau that has been dissected by numerous feeder streams. From area roads, visitors can view numerous prominent peaks, including Bear Cave Mountain, High Rock Mountain, Morrison Knob, Long Bald, and Tater Cave Mountain. The area also includes unique plant communities. Glades, savannas, forest openings, and old growth forest cover the rugged terrain along the small creek bottoms. Several of the state's rare and endangered species are being protected on the area.

Field Trip Leader: Hilary Haley - (816) 255-4805

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Saturday, April 27th

5:30 PM - Dinner (Optional)

Los Mexicanos Family Restaurant

800 South Jefferson Street, Ava, MO 65608

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Saturday Evening - April 27th


Board Meeting

(The Board Room, 305 E Washington, Ava, MO 65608)

** Change in Location **

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Sunday Morning - April 28th


Hercules Glades Wilderness Area

Hercules Glades Wilderness Area is 12,413 acres of the most scenic and unique country in the Midwest. Its combination of open grassland, forested knobs, steep rocky hillsides, and narrow drainages offers unusual beauty and a measure of solitude within easy reach of wilderness lovers. The name comes from the limestone glades throughout the Wilderness and the nearby town of Hercules. The Hercules Trailhead is also home to the 100 foot tall Hercules Fire Tower, built in 1936 and still in use today

Field Trip Leader: Hilary Haley - (816) 255-4805

Leave from Super 8 by Wyndham at 8:15 AM

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Lodging Options

A block of rooms has been reserved under the group “Missouri Native Plant Society”. Please call to book your reservation by March 25th. The nightly rate is about $75, or $161.68 for both nights, including tax..

Super 8 by Wyndham Ava

1711 South Jefferson Street, Ava, MO 65608

(417) 683-1343


Group code: Missouri Native Plant Society

Rate: $75 per night + tax