MONPS 2021 Summer Field Trip

Come join us for our walkabouts in the Kansas City area. (June 25-27)

We will be visiting Snowball Hill Prairie, Rocky Point Glade, Jerry Smith Park (Restored Prairie) and a Privately Owned Prairie

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Per CDC COVID guidelines, we recommend that MONPS meeting and field trip participants wear a mask if you’re not fully vaccinated, even when outdoors. We will not pass plants around, share tools or provide food or drinks. Regardless of vaccination status, please come prepared to wear a mask if we go indoors, or to comply with any local ordinances. Please stay home if you’re sick.

Missouri Botanists Big Year Competition


Missouri BotanistsBig Year Competition

by James Faupel, Project Creator and Admin Restoration Ecologist, Missouri Botanical Garden 


We are incredibly excited to announce the first annual Missouri BotanistsBig Year Competition! This competition is being held on the online citizen science tool and website, iNaturalist. Currently our members have not been very actively involved on this platform, while many of our neighboring state plant societies have been very active in improving their statesdata. Our observations will help researchers track and better understand the flora of Missouri and how it changes over time, from native plants to exotic invasives. The data provided by our members will be publicly available, to help improve science communication. We also hope to present iNaturalist training opportunities in the near future to help new users get acquainted with using the website and phone app. We will continue to host these Big Years and then will be able to compare data from each years competition. Which botanist will claim this years biggest bragging rights by the end of the year?!


Thank you to our neighboring states, Illinois and Kentucky, for inspiring the creation of the Missouri Botanists Big Year. But let’s make this a friendly competition and show our neighbors what kind of flora we’re made of!


Create an account and join the project here to participate in the competition: The rules and prizes listed below also appear on the iNaturalist project page.


Project rules:

  1. Observation must be a plant observed in Missouri in 2021.
  2. Observation must be a wild plant, whether native or non-native. (Plants physically/purposefully planted in a human maintained garden/landscape will not be entered into this project and should be marked as captive/cultivated in your observation.)
  1. You must be a member of the project – join at the link shown in the paragraph above.
  2. Observation must be research grade, so submit many descriptive photos.
  3. To be entered to win the Grand Prize, you must be a member of the Missouri Native Plant Society join here:  


Grand Prize will be awarded for most species observed in 2021: Winner will receive a prize worthy of a field botanist, including a hand lens and field plant press, with the possibility of even more!

Prize for most species observed by a non-member – A free one year membership to the Missouri Native Plant Society!


 Honorary Titles that will be announced! Receive these bragging rights worth holding over the heads of your fellow Missouri botanists.

Most observations! Most identifications! Most Poaceae species! Most Carex species! Most Bryophyte species! Most Fern species! Most species of DYCs! Most favorited observation!


Additional Information

    If you are an expert in the field of botany in Missouri, please help us vet and identify the observations made. There are not nearly enough professionals helping identify the flora of Missouri on iNaturalist. Log onto iNaturalist and help here

    Please mark the geoprivacy of any state-listed rare or endangered species as obscured.(If you do not, we will notify you.) Our partners at the Missouri Department of Conservation will greatly appreciate your assistance in helping protect our plants of conservation concern! See the list here –

    This is a collection project for only the year 2021, within the umbrella project Missouri Botanists Big Year,that will collect the data of every year of the event going forward. You must join each years project to have your observations be included in each years event. Joining the umbrella project doesnt make your observations available to the 2021 project.

    To see all the vascular plants observed on iNat within the state of Missouri, visit our project the Flora of Missouri –

    To see all the non-vascular plants (also known as bryophytes) observed within the state of Missouri on iNat, visit our project MOSSouri –

    Need help identifying a plant? Check out the Missouri Plants website for detailed information on our flora –




Thanks for joining the project and good luck!


2021 Stan Hudson Research Grant Awardees

The Stan Hudson Research Grant Committee is excited to announce two 2021 awardees. The grant honors the late H. Stanton Hudson (1921–2002), a long-time member of the Missouri Native Plant Society whose passion for the flora of Missouri and its conservation inspired his friends and family to create a grant program in his memory.

Abigail Giering, an undergraduate at Missouri State University, received a $500 grant to study competition effects of an exotic duckweed (Landoltia punctata) on native duckweeds (Lemna minor and Spirodela polyrhiza)
Esther Par, an undergraduate student at Missouri Western State University, will use her $1500 grant to help fund a study of relationships in False Foxgloves (Agalinis spp.)

Rabbit Tobacco

My neighbor’s husband has covid and was weathering it out at home but very very sick. One day she asked me if she could borrow some of my rabbit tobacco to make a tea for her hubby. I gladly gave her a bundle. A week later she told me the tea had really helped him.
Yesterday when I was driving back from a family thing in IA my throat was burning and I was sure i was going to need antibiotics. But I made a tea out of the leaves and flowers and also burned a batch and inhaled the smoke. Today I am so much better I cant hardly believe it!

I am so thankful I learned how to find and identify Rabbit Tobacco on my MONPS field trips.

Casey Burks

Osage Plains Chapter

Missouri Native Plant Society is a member of the Grow Native! program


The Missouri Native Plant Society is a proud member of the Grow Native! program! This program is operated by the Missouri Prairie Foundation, a nonprofit conservation organization and provides resources to help gardeners, farm owners, land care professionals, and planners use native plants in the built environment and altered landscapes in the lower Midwest for multiple benefits. Grow Native! also administers the Missouri Invasive Plant Task Force (MoIP), a multi-organizational and multi-agency group with the goal of bringing greater statewide attention on early detection and control of invasive plants.

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